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Tiny Room Gives

What do we give?

Tiny Room Gives provides the talent and resources of Tiny Room Studios LLC to artists who are unable to afford it and enables them to create high-quality content to progress their careers.

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Audio & Video


Recording sessions in the recording studio decked out with instruments, microphones, and software. Content capture on the Main Stage equipped with a lighting rig, instruments, multicam setup, and microphones.

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Rehearsals on the Main Stage using our instruments and monitoring systems. Whether it's just to get familiar with instruments or practicing as a group you will have access to top-of-the-line equipment.

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Live Streaming

Multi-cam live streaming on the Main Stage under the lighting rig using the instruments and microphones. Boost your social media game or use the footage to land new gigs! The multi-cam streaming will take your content to the next level.