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The music industry can be an impossible ladder to climb without the resources of a modern-day recording studio. Tiny Room Gives is a music-based nonprofit that will support musicians in need by providing access to high-end instruments, media capture, and expert technicians to all members of the community, regardless of their socio-economic background. Access to resources like these enable artists to create high-quality content and progress their career.


In addition to this work, Tiny Room Gives will partner with local organizations to offer music lessons and production classes taught by professionals to at-risk youth in Inglewood in an effort to help them develop the skills they need to succeed in the music industry. This includes our music masterclasses helping up their game under the instruction of incredible volunteers like Greg Spero, George Kilpatrick III, Jawann Blanchey, Jacob Galdes, and Clark Sims. Dozens of local artists attend these masterclasses to practice playing with other musicians, soloing, and understanding the nuances of collaborative improvisation. Once the teachers believe they're ready, the students will get called on stage during the weekly jam and put to the test alongside industry professionals.


We will also host public concerts featuring local musicians and bring in touring artists for special events. Once funds are sufficient, we will provide housing to musicians in need adjacent to Tiny Room Studios so they have easier access to our resources and community without the added expenses of travel.

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